I build cool stuff for screens

Iā€™m a creative Front-End Developer who builds delightful experiences for the web.

At Work

  • Maintain, improve, and document codebases
  • Explain technical things to non-technical people (nicely)
  • Build components, landing pages, and websites from specs
  • Write code that future developers (and future me) will understand
  • Think a lot about naming things
  • Iterate!

Outside of Work

I like to hike, explore the forest šŸŒ², make stuff out of wood, draw, learn new things, and work on my meditation practice. I enjoy tea šŸµ and tea brewing.

What I care about

Iā€™m passionate about living in a way that does no harm to living beings, and no harm to the environment.

Featured projects

My daily toolkit


  • React
  • Vanilla JS
  • TypeScript
  • NextJS / Gatsby
  • GSAP
  • NodeJS


  • Styled Components
  • CSS Animation
  • Modern CSS


  • Semantic HTML
  • SVG Animation




  • Contentful
  • Netlify CMS
  • Drupal

Design Tools

  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch


  • GitHub
  • Terminal

focus on the breath.